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  1. Introduction
  2. Durability
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Versatile

On hearing the word ‘concrete’, it’s natural to automatically jump to skyscrapers, pavement, or even that outdoor veranda. It doesn’t often cross your lips when on the hunt for some durable outdoor furniture. But all that is about to change. The concrete outdoor table is rising in popularity for good reasons – it’s both stylish and durable, offering a ‘holy grail’ perfect combination when it comes to outdoor furniture. From bar tables to large dining tables, benches, or small coffee-style tables, your options are endless when it comes to finding a great concrete outdoor table and creating the perfect timeless space outdoors. Here are 3 benefits that come from choosing a stone outdoor table to become the centerpiece of your backyard.

Outdoor Dining setting


Let’s start with the most practical benefit that comes from opting for concrete in your backyard: it’s nice and durable. No more worrying about plastic sets taking off in the wind. No more watching your wooden table wear away with use. There’s no debating the fact that concrete is made to last. Concrete makes the perfect long-term investment, enabling you to rest-assured you won’t find yourself back on the furniture hunt in just a few short years. If you’re concerned about the weight, don’t be. Thanks to constant advances in technology, this is already something that is changing dramatically. You will find that concrete today is lighter, but still just as strong.

The Zen Concrete 9pc Outdoor Dining setting is sure to create the ‘wow’ factor in your outdoor space. The powder coated V leg table offers elegance at its finest. With a simple top seal to protect from the elements, this setting will see you through the decades, with a timeless style that will always be appreciated.

Low maintenance

One of the biggest concerns many people have is how much effort and work goes into maintaining a concrete table. After all, we lead busy lives, and no-one has the time to be constantly checking, wiping, and maintaining their outdoor furniture. This is what is so great about concreate. As long as your outdoor concrete table has a seal over it, the only maintenance time you need to factor in is the odd wipe down from debris and other materials that build up over time. Easy! You don’t have to stress about it rusting, fraying, wearing down, and so on, which comes from other materials. Just a little soap and water and you’re good to go.

The Zen Dining Table With Pedestal Leg is made from fiberglass reinforced concrete and is so easy to wipe down after use. With the acrylic top seal, you can enjoy low maintenance at its finest.

manhattan fire pit


Concrete is an often very misrepresented building material, conjuring images of boring walls and dull sidewalks. It’s natural to picture a concrete table as a giant slab of grey. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You have so much selection and choice when it comes to concrete tables, allowing you to style your backyard in so many different ways. And you aren’t simply limited to a rectangle slab either. Here’s just some of the different designs you can fill up your outdoor space with.

This Zen Concrete Dining Table is proof that concrete doesn’t have to be grey…or boring for that matter. It’s a gorgeous circular design in white made from fiberglass reinforced concrete.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, the Zen Bar Table is ideal. The rope bar chairs perfectly contrast the charcoal concrete colour, creating the perfect pop in your backyard.

Style doesn’t have to be updated every year. If you invest in a timeless piece, you can enjoy the benefits for decades and really put together a stunning, stylish outdoor area that you will treasure. Concrete may not be the words on everyone’s lips just yet when it comes to outdoor furniture, but it will be. And with so many benefits that come with it, it’s easy to see why.