Choose Comfort

What makes those day beds in so irresistible? Just sitting there oozing luxury and comfort. There’s nothing more satisfying than flopping down on a comfortable outdoor lounge with no intention of getting up anytime soon. Create the same experience in larger areas look for natural nooks in your yard to add a small outdoor dining setting investing in outdoor lounge furniture with weatherproof cushions, not only will they be durable in all seasons, resistant to mildew, stains, and fading you can add the perfect resting place for that great book you are reading by adding smaller outdoor side tables or benches. Small apartment? Forgo the bigger tables look for a small lower round that won’t use up too much or your space, adding cushions that can double as temporary seating for guests to lean back in.  

Use our Ibiza Daybed to create a Bali in your backyard.

Pick Outdoor Furniture With Feeling

When creating or reinvigorating your luxury space look for outdoor furniture that creates that ‘holiday feel’ immersing you in the tropical experience. Places along the equator design furniture perfect for that hot and humid environment, embracing styles like Cane, Wicker, Rattan outdoor furniture. Bamboo is all the rage right now, with bamboo outdoor furniture being one of the hardest woods, resistant to insects and moisture making it the perfect material for your new oasis. Look for sunken style outdoor chairs and seater lounges to create the perfect inviting luxury space.

The Brisbane Balcony Chair could be your choice of feeling.



Close your eyes and think of an oasis, what do you see? For us, it’s a lush environment surrounded by beautiful shading plants and there’s no reason why you can’t create the same experience in your outdoor space. We love Bird’s Nest fern’s and Australian Cycad which has lush dark green palm-like leaves perched on high outdoor tables or in a hanging planter, along with Fan Palms to mimic the beautiful shade and tropical feel of Balinese resorts. Living in shared accommodation or have a smaller outdoor space? Opt for smaller potted versions to place around your space to match your outdoor furniture set which is much easier to manage. Not much of a green thumb? The selection of faux plants has grown in recent years look for Bird of Paradise plants to create the same lush greenery scene without worrying about watering.


When creating any lush outdoor space remember greenery is key, adding lots of native ferns that are easy to manage in soil or atop outdoor tables in potted planters. Ooze luxury with quality outdoor furniture made from light durable woods, look for sunken outdoor chairs and benches, lower tables for a less formal dining space adding comfort with outdoor pillows.